Are you getting anything out of your screen?

Some time ago, you decided to install a screen in your clinic. Because it’s dynamic. Because your suppliers told you about it. Because you saw them in other practices or businesses and found that they attract attention. These are all good reasons.

But you don’t have time to get to it! So your screen is off or is on a news channel or loops a video indefinitely from a single supplier... All common scenarios.

"I already get USB sticks from suppliers"

Some suppliers will send you a USB stick with their video clips, but you don’t have the necessary software to combine multiple clips, which is a problem. And if you did have them... you wouldn’t have the time to spend on such tedious work. As a result, your screen continually shows the same product, until you replace the USB stick with another one. You’re therefore not taking advantage of your screen to display all the services and products you have to offer.

Remember: 76% of decisions to buy are made at the point of sale and 44% of respondents believe digital signage would influence their purchases (click here to read The Monitor, Number 3, released October 5).

Whether or not you already have a screen,
MicoTV® takes care of everything!

Digital signage is a powerful communication tool. MicoTV® allows you to maximize its potential.

In addition to combining the supplier video clips YOU WANT – MicoTV® presently has a bank of 170 videos – MicoTV® gives you access to informative clips on eye health and can also display promotions and personalized information about your clinic. MicoTV® will also take care of removing the promotions from your loop once they’ve expired. This is all possible by simply contacting our customer service. That’s all you need to do.

Click here to visit the MicoTV® website, where you can view a loop demo and see how the system works.

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