Up to a 40% increase in sales with digital signage

Many people wonder whether screens in sales locations are really effective and, especially, whether they’re profitable. However, numerous studies show that digital signage is indeed highly effective.

Recent research confirm the positive effects of digital signage:

  • A network of pharmacies recorded sales increases ranging from 29.50% to 48.50%, depending on the product category, after launching a series of 150 campaigns over 3 years1.
  • Digital signage systems installed in the entrance of 150 supermarkets attracted the attention of 70% of customers and resulted in a sales increase in several product categories ranging from 10.1% to 44.7%2.
  • A group of Canadian casinos conducted a multi-phase, 6-month study in 4 casinos. Two of the casinos installed a digital signage system, while the other 2 continued to use paper posters to get their messages out3.

    The study findings showed that an average of 15% of visitors looked at the screens, compared to 3% in the casinos with the posters. Furthermore, the average time spent reading the messages was 17% higher in the venues with the screens than in those with the paper posters.

    When free tote bags were advertised on the digital screens, the response rate was 6.3% in one casino, compared to 5.6% in the other.

    Finally, they promoted various restaurant items served at the casinos. Once again, sales rose from 32% to 74% in the two casinos with digital signage, while the results were negative, with the exception of one item in one casino, in the casinos with posters.

1 Study published in May 2016 by the French advertising network Futuramédia, and reported by OOH-TV.

2 Findings released in early-2016 by Carrefour and Mediaperformances, and reported by OOH-TV.

3 intel.ca

Certain criteria influence the success rate of digital signage. In our next issue, we will take a look at how to use this system to receive maximum benefits.

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