How to get the most benefits from your screen

Digital signage is a communication tool and, like any form of communication, it has some basic rules. Here are the main ones*:

First of all, it’s important to identify your audience so you know what to communicate. Information clips produced by MicoTV® are directed at consumers and explain, briefly and in simple terms, numerous topics related to eye health for various patient groups. MicoTV® also has a bank of over 200 supplier videos.

*Information taken from the blog as well as various studies and readings, including DigitalSignageToday, The Marlin Company and


Choose the appropriate size and location of the screen in your waiting area so the messages are easy to see.

Messages should be short, simple and easy to read, since digital signage is silent.

Create variety: combine still images, information clips and videos in an attractive way.

Determine how much time is spent in front of the screen so you know how long the messages should be. Customers should view the loop AT LEAST once, but preferably twice, while they wait.

Maintain a good balance between the information and the advertising content. Experts say the advertising content should be between 33% and a maximum of 50% of the loop. Advertising includes supplier videos, your promotions and internal programs.

The messages should encourage action – all of MicoTV® information clips are designed to get customers asking questions and start the buying cycle.

Vary your visuals according to how often your patients come into the office.

Remember: MicoTV® can be adapted to each clinic and provides quick turnkey service that is customized to meet your various needs, such as creating a new loop for a special event or adding a promotion and removing it when it’s over.

Click here to visit the MicoTV® website, where you can view a loop demo and see how the system works.

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