What is digital signage?

Not so long ago, it was described as the communications tool of the future, but tomorrow is here! It’s everywhere you look, and spreading: in businesses, restaurants, dental offices. Digital signage is experiencing phenomenal growth.

Paper communication is being replaced by large-screen signage. In addition to being ecological, it provides flexibility, speed, ease of use and undeniable savings.


MicoTV® is a digital signage product developed by M2L Inc. specifically for the Canadian optical-eyewear industry.

Set up in waiting rooms, it reaches patients/clients in a buying mode.

Information clips produced by M2L Inc. and clips from suppliers provide a wealth of information to patients/clients, who in turn will raise questions to their ECPs, resulting in the purchase of value-added products.

Personalized content for your clinic

Do you want to advertise a promotion? No need to print off a pile of brochures that will just get thrown out once the promotion is over. MicoTV® inserts the visual you want in the loop or produces a still image using information you provide and adds it to your loop, then removes it after the promotion is done.

This service is included in the MicoTV® turnkey service. The results: you save paper, time and money, and you gain efficiency!

View a loop demo by clicking here and see how the system works.

Invest in a digital signage
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