Digital signage: Because we are in 2016

Developed specifically for the Canadian optical-eyewear industry, MicoTV® is a valuable source of information for your patients/clients thanks to information clips produced by M2L Inc., its bank of over 170 supplier videos and the personalized content that can be integrated for a single clinic or a group of clinics.

More effective than traditional media

Installed in your waiting area, the MicoTV® system monitor allows you to deliver information to receptive clients waiting for their appointment.

79% of clients say their perceived wait times are shorter*. In addition to this benefit, MicoTV® provokes questions to which eyecare professionals will have answers, generating discussions in which they can offer optical solutions that best meet the unique needs of each client. Outcome: an improved client experience.

*Source: Popaï survey

“I don’t have time to get to it!”

MicoTV® will do it for you! No more updating visual material on your monitor, no more having posters and brochures printed to announce promotions in your office, no more wasting valuable time that could be better spent with your patients/clients!

Simply contact MicoTV®’s customer service, provide your visual and it’ll be inserted in your loop in no time. You can also provide the information you want displayed, and MicoTV® will produce, free of charge, a still image and add it to your loop. In both cases, when your promotion is done, it will be removed from the loop. You won’t have to do anything! It’s as simple as that, with no wasted time, paper or money!

View a loop demo by clicking here and see how the system works.

Be more effective and more ecological: Join the ranks of those using MicoTV®!

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