MicoTV® is working for you

The MicoTV® system monitor is installed in waiting areas of optometry clinics and eyewear stores. Your messages will therefore be viewed by receptive customers, waiting to see an eyecare professional who’ll be able to answer all their questions about the information and products announced.

Since your customers are in a buying mood, the reaction coefficient is much quicker with MicoTV® than they would be with traditional media.

Many studies have clearly shown the positive impact of digital signage on the way people perceive products and businesses, on the content memorization rate and on consumer buying intentions.

What the studies say:

  • 89% of consumers favour digital signage at the point of sale.1
  • 75% of respondents remember a dynamic content, only 44% a traditional content.2
  • 76% of decisions to buy are made at the point of sale.3
  • 44% of respondents believe digital signage would influence them to buy the advertised product instead of one they planned to buy.4
  • 33% said they made an unplanned purchase after seeing a digital signage ad.5

Sources: 1: KPMG, 2: Ipsos, 3: Popaï, 4: Nielsen, 5: Arbitron

What’s more, your clinic will have a more modern and dynamic look with digital signage.

With its flexibility and ease of use, the MicoTV® system also allows you to display customized messages or promotions of your practice. MicoTV® will also display messages or promotions from your banner.”

View a loop demo by clicking here and see how the system works.

Act now! Join the ranks of those using MicoTV® and watch your sales boom!

1-888-990-4422 x 224 or micotv@M2L.ca

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